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Gb WhatsApp Pro latest version


In modern society, the world will become a global village by using the internet because it connects many people. Now everyone can share everything anywhere in just some seconds by using different applications from these applications. WhatsApp is one of them. It provides instant messaging. You can send images, documents, and files anywhere all over the world quickly and efficiently due to these unique features; users like this application very much. Still, on the other hand, this application has many limitations like they decrease the quality of the image when we send to the other WhatsApp user limit the files size and video length and many more things due to these limitations, user not give importance to this application and want to use that application where there are no limitations.


Therefore the developers feel the need for an application that has extra functions that provide complete access to the user to use the application without any limitations for this reason they develop the gb WhatsApp pro that provides unlimited new features that users like the most.


This application provide many new features then the traditional Wapp and have very fast speed also easy to use contain features such as anti delete messages theme change blue tick hide option double tick mark option data backup night mode easy chat unique search bar for the search of messages and the files give you unlimited access to send the video of any length and easily you can download the status of your contact also you can hide the status seen of your contacts that if you have been seen the status of your friend but it will not show him or her that you have been seen there status for the themes you can easily change the theme of your GB WhatsApp Pro according to your needs because most of the person not like the same theme every time so after some days or time according to your needs this application will also show the online status of the person that are online even if they off to show the online status but it will show you and you will know that the person is online or not also its contain the features that the Wapp already have like WhatsApp web about also data settings and my other things .




Many users want to use Wapp with extra features, so the GB What’s App Pro is for you.

It will provide you the following many extra features.

  • Status download option.
  • Update option that you will use to update the application.
  • Show the online status of your friends or your contacts even if they put privacy to hide this.
  • Anti deletes the message; if someone sends you a message, they delete this message, but on the user’s side, this message will still show to you, and you can easily read this even after the sender deletes the message.
  • Data backup option that will give you the complete backup of your messages and files if you will uninstall your app will get the data back from your backup.
  • Anti delete status if someone from your contact put the status and delete this, but this will still show you you will see the status.
  • Double tick and blue tick off the option by off this, then the receiver does not know that you see his or her message even in chat or in group messages.
  • Allow you to share the video of any length or size.
  • Not reduce the image quality; you will receive or send the image in the proper quality.
  • You can share a document of any size you want.
  • You can change the theme of your app any time you want.
  • Message a number even it is not saved in your contacts.
  • Disable forwarded allow you to re. Send messages without forwarding the page.
  • Also, allow you to give a call block option you can select who can call you. Otherwise, they will not be able to call you.
  • Provide you the option to send a link to your friend and know his or her location. When they open the link, you will get the location.
  • Provide a night mode that gives blue light protection for the eyes.
  • DND Mode Do not Disturb Mode is enabled; you will not receive or sent any messages until you disable it. The internet connection will be off for this application, so you will not receive any message while this mode is on, and you will use any other App.

How to download and install GB What’s App Pro?

  • You can tap on the download button that is available on the website.
  • Popup will appear on your screen.
  • Permit to download the file.
  • The file will start downloading.
  • After the download complete, go to the file manager.
  • Find the downloaded file.
  • Tap with your finger on the icon of the downloaded app.
  • I will show you to allow you to install from unknown sources.
  • Tap on this option and allow it to install from unknown sources.
  • The installation will start and show on your screen.
  • Wait for some time and when the installation will complete.
  • It will show you the option to backup your data. If you already have data, then select backup restore.
  • Add the number.
  • Then a verification message contains a confirmation code. You will receive a confirmation code on the number.
  • Put the confirmation code and press next.
  • Give access to contacts.
  • Now provide the name that will show to other WhatsApp users.
  • Now press next, and this will complete the setup.

How to check or change the setting?

  • Open GB What’s App Pro tap on the three dots present on the right corner.
  • A popup will appear that will give you the following options.
  • GB settings.
  • Tap on the GB Settings to see the extra features of this app.

On the setting page, this will contain the following options.

Privacy and Security.

It Will provide you many options for your Privacy.

  • Hide Online Status.
  • Freeze Last Seen.
  • Contacts privacy settings.
  • Broadcasts privacy settings.
  • Custom Privacy.
  • Calls privacy settings.
  • Chats Disable forwarded (Allows you to resend messages without forwarding page).
  • Anti-Delete Status (Deleted status and stories will not be deleted for you).
  • Hide View Status( Don’t tell contact that you have viewed their status).
  • It Will provide you many options for your Security.
  • What’s app lock.
  • Change password option.
  • Recovery Question.
  • Change Lock or Pattern Wallpaper.
  • Make pattern Invisible
  • Disable Pattern vibration.


  •  Stickers Pack? Maker.
  • Wallpaper Plus.


  • Here you will have different options for the update. You will Check for Updates on Gbwhatsapp Changelog and update from the web.



  • Here the information of the version is available.


  • In this, you can download themes, load themes stored on sd card, save your current theme, restore theme and reset preferences delete all saved and installed themes.


  • You will have colors Styles Hide Media options from gallery Backup and restore and other settings such as language and heads-up notifications in this setting.

Home Screen

  • In this, you will have the option of setting Header Rows Floating Action Button status and hide chats Divider.

Chat Screen

  • This will contain an Action Bar Bubble and ticks pics and conversation entry style.


  • In this option, you will have Background contact name color also contact status text color.


Share GBWhatsApp Pro.


Restart GBWhatsApp.

  • To reopen the application again.


Message a Number.

You can send messages to any number of your choice directly.

New group.

Using this option, you will create a group with your contacts easily.

New broadcast.

This option provides you the feature to send messages easily to your friends and family with a single press.

WhatsApp Web.

Using this option, you can use GB WhatsApp on your pc, mac, or any other device.

Starred messages.

With this option, you can easily see those messages that are stared by you.





How to Update?

The following steps are for the Update.

  • Open the GB What’s App Pro.
  • First, backup your data.
  • Tap on three lines present on the right corner.
  • Tap on GB settings
  • Tap on Updates.
  • Show three options.
  • Check for updates.
  • Update from the web.
  • Choose any one of them to update your app.

Use For iOS.

As this app’s popularity is available for the iOS users now, the iOS users also enjoy the new features that are not available on simple what’s app.




How to use it on Mac and/or Windows?

You can easily use this by using the WhatsApp web feature. You can use this on your Mac and pc.

  • First, open the app.
  • Tap on three lines present on the right corner.
  • Tap on WhatsApp web.
  • It shows you how to scan QR codes.
  • Press ok.
  • Give access to the camera.
  • Open what’s app web in your mac or pc browser.
  • Scan the code with your mobile and enjoy this on your mac or pc.


  • Android 4.3 and Above.
  • For this, no Root Required.



What is GB WhatsApp pro?

  • This app contains more advanced features than the normal what’s app.

How to download GB WhatsApp pro?

  • The download button is present on the website press on this button the app will start the download.

How to install WhatsApp GB pro?

  • Go to file manager, open download folder from this folder, find the app, tap on this and press on install, and start installing it.

How to update GB WhatsApp pro?

  • First, create a backup of your data. After this, go to the update option, and the app will be start update.

What is anti revoke in GB WhatsApp pro?

  • Anti revoke means the deleted messages if someone sends you the message and deletes it, but this message will still be visible.

How can I get back my messages on GB Whatsapp?

  • You can get back the messages from the backup.

How to add contacts in GB Whatsapp?

  • When you tap on the new chat message option, it will allow you to access the contacts.

How GB WhatsApp notify when online?

  • On the chat profile with a green line, it shows the person is online or not.



With the internet, people prefer to use instant messaging apps such as what’s app that have many features such as documents, images, videos, and text messages transfer, but WhatsApp has limited features. Still, the user wants some extra features for the developers to develop.

The GB WhatsApp pro contains amazing features that do not decrease the quality of images. You can send a video of any size having night mode. Also, you can easily change the theme of your choice.

You will easily download and install the app for our website also provide you the anti delete message option; if someone sends you a message, then delete this. However, you will still have to see or read the messages and many more options are available.


What's new

The updated version of the app contains the manual update option. You do not need to uninstall the previous app. You tap on this option. The app will automatically download and will be installed. Many bugs are fixed also optimize the speed easy to work.



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